Our main obsession: create elegant shoes with unprecedented comfort. Find out how we do it.

At In Corio, we do not accept that a high-end shoe is painful to wear. On the contrary, we want it to be a daily delight, which is why we are obsessed with the idea of offering you immediate and lasting comfort.

The ergonomic fit

We began by working with our skilled last makers to create a fit specific to In Corio, which follows the natural curves of the foot. This shape, both elegant and ergonomic, is the result of many months of development and testing. As the fit is identical for all In Corio shoes, you will experience the same feeling, regardless of the model that you order.

Immediate suppleness

Suppleness is also essential for your comfort. This is enhanced by the very high quality of the leathers that we use and by the Blake stitch method adopted for the sole. The shoes adapt to your feet without pain and you will soon feel as if you are wearing slippers.

Unprecedented cushioning

Finally, the addition of a middle sole in high-density latex provides unprecedented cushioning in a leather shoe. Its ergonomic shape follows the line of the foot and improves the distribution of the weight of the body across the entire foot (heel, foot arch and forefoot).
We are pleased to be able to offer you surprising comfort in an elegant shoe.