A responsible pleasure

Our commitment is to offer you shoes that are both stylish and comfortable.
Like you, In Corio sees this as part of a process that respects both people and the environment.

Designed to last

Contrary to ‘fast fashion’ that soon becomes worn and collections that are constantly renewed, In Corio offers a selection of permanent models designed to last at every stage in the process: timeless style, meticulous manufacturing and sturdy, noble materials as well as advice and cleaning products enabling you to keep your shoes for years.

Above and beyond rates calculated as fairly as possible thanks to the lack of intermediaries and restrained margins, our range of degressive prices means that you will be able to stock up sufficiently to alternate your shoes more often so that they last longer (leather needs to rest, as well:-)).

« timeless style,
meticulous manufacturing
and sturdy, noble materials »


Made as close to home as possible, while maintaining traditional know-how.

We select our workshops (finished products and raw materials) in France and elsewhere in Europe (Portugal, Italy, United Kingdom), so as to guarantee compliance with European social and environmental standards. This enables us to maintain local relations with our partners while limiting the distances covered.

Leather, a natural material with outstanding properties, lies at the heart of our passion. Did you know that this is a secondary product of the food industry? Our leathers come from cattle raised in Europe and are tanned in European tanneries. Our main French tannery in Haute-Loire was awarded the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant label (Living Heritage Company), bearing witness to the lasting nature of its local anchorage and its commitment to craftsmanship and industrial excellence.


Shared values.

We take care to choose partners whose social and environmental policy contributes to a more virtuous production method.

For example, our logistics platform that manages all your parcels, which is located in Northern France and bears the Entreprise Solidaire d’Utilité Sociale label (mutual social utility company), is engaged in the fight against exclusion and strives to promote the return to social and professional autonomy of those in vulnerable situations.

Moreover, keen to minimise the environmental impact of our activity, we give preference to La Poste (Colissimo) when shipping parcels. La Poste is an environmentally responsible carrier whose practices, including a fully electric fleet, ecodriving and an offsetting policy, guarantee carbon neutral deliveries.

Finally, we have opted in favour of 100% paper packaging (cardboard, stuffing, shoeboxes), using largely recycled materials.

« We take care to choose partners
who contributes to a
more virtuous production method »