In Corio is the shoe brand of two passionated friends who created their ideal shoe. Once upon a time...


In Corio ?

In Corio means ‘in the leather’ in Latin. The obvious starting point for footwear lovers like us is the beauty of the leathers and the quality of traditional craftsmanship. Our footwear is made in a family workshop in the Porto region, the historic heart of shoemaking. Devoted craft workers create In Corio footwear there by hand, working with the finest leathers from France, Italy and England. Their ‘hand’ can be sensed in every aspect of the production process. For example, take a close look at your In Corio footwear, note the piping that enhances the edge of the seams. This quality know-how guarantees that your pair of In Corio shoes will last.

« Renewal has always
started with a
return to the source » Romain Gary
« It’s simple
elegance that
charms us » Ovide

There is no ostentation at In Corio, but shoes with subtle elegance expressed in every detail, such as the slight relief of the shank under the shoe. In Corio design focuses on accurate shapes, with curves that clearly follow the contour of the foot, a discreet sole and a toe that is not too long. The beauty of our leatherware is enhanced by deep colours, with the nuances brought out by hand.

But the In Corio brand draws its inspiration both from the tradition of great shoemakers and from the modernity of the world that surrounds us. Most importantly, for the modern man or woman who no longer wants to choose between being elegant and feeling good, In Corio provides matchless comfort in town shoes. Also, our footwear is sold exclusively without intermediaries, in order to make them accessible to the largest possible number of people. Finally, by offering a degressive rate for the purchase several pairs of shoes all year round, In Corio enables you choose the footwear most suited to your wishes of the day every morning. This will also enable you to alternate your shoes more frequently so that they stay looking good for longer.


We are Guilhem and Charles-Louis and we have been inseparable friends for 25 years. In 2016, we decided to embark upon a slightly crazy project: to blow a breath of fresh air through the world of men’s footwear. Why? Because we have always been passionate about fine footwear and we believe it is an essential part of contemporary elegance. And yet there is still progress to be made to adapt to the requirements of the modern woman and man. And so we conceived the idea of In Corio shoes.

This adventure took us on a thrilling journey through France, Italy, Spain and Portugal, meeting craft workers who are as passionate as we are. After two years of research, designing and improving our models and selecting the finest materials, our dream took shape on our feet. We have created what we consider to be the ideal footwear. The footwear we sought in vain, that combines timeless elegance, noble materials, know-how and comfort.

Today, we are proud to present our first collection of shoes and accessories. We hope that you will delight in wearing them as much as we do. We are glad to answer your question and read your comments : write us an email at (bonjour@incorio.com), or use the live chat.