Care for leather shoes

By following this simple advice for cleaning, polishing and shining your leather shoes, you can keep them looking better for longer.


I - Alternate

By alternating your In Corio shoes every day, you allow the leather to dry and air so that it does not age prematurely. Ideally, each pair should not be worn more than twice per week. This is why we encourage you to own several pairs thanks to our degressive prices. In addition to the pleasure of choosing which pair is most suitable every morning, you will significantly extend their lifespan.


II - Use shoe trees

As soon as you take off your In Corio footwear, the red cedar shoe trees take over in each pair. They maintain the shape of your shoes and help smooth out the creases caused by walking. Red cedar efficiently absorbs moisture and lends your shoes a delicate scent. The shoe trees become your most essential accessory.


III - Protect

When you have worn your shoes about five times and they have adjusted properly to your feet, we recommend that you take them to a shoe repairer to have a rubber pad put on the sole and an embedded iron tip on the toe. This simple, inexpensive procedure will protect your footwear from damp, increase adherence and greatly extend the lifespan of your soles.

IV - Nourish

Your In Corio footwear is carefully polished by hand in our workshop. This small gesture yields a very flattering result. After that, it is up to you to preserve your shoes and ensure that they stay looking good by repeating this process regularly. For quick, regular care (ideally whenever they have been worn three times), In Corio nourishing cream is what you need: it moisturises, nourishes and revives the colour of the leather in just a few moments. Start by removing the dust from your shoes with a brush, then apply a little In Corio cleansing milk with a soft cloth to prepare the leather. The next step is to apply the cream generously to the dedusted leather with a soft cotton cloth, using circular movements. Pay particular attention to the creases caused by walking. Leave to dry on shoe trees for at least 10 minutes, then polish with a shine brush.


V - Shine

If you want more shine, as well as the nourishing cream you can use In Corio high gloss polish. Enriched with beeswax, it waterproofs and protects your footwear. The high gloss polish should be applied in the same way as the cream, but in smaller quantities, paying particular attention to the toes of your shoes.


Make them shine (even more)

This is more of a tip from one enthusiast to another than a regular care procedure: for a glossy shine and to bring out the depth of the colour of the leather, you can create a glaze using In Corio high gloss polish mixed with a little water. Having polished your shoes, apply a small quantity of high gloss polish and then a drop of water alternately with a soft cloth, using quick circular movements. Pay particular attention to the toes of the shoes and the stiffeners at the back, level with the heel (the supple parts of the shoes should not be glazed). Repeat the application of polish / small quantity of water alternately until the shoe shines as you wish. The first glazing will require a little patience (and some elbow grease) but thereafter the gloss will be restored more quickly. You will see your shoes in a new light.

VI - Repair (or rather have repaired)

When the time comes (in several years, because we’re sure you will follow our earlier advice), your shoe repairer can work wonders to repair your footwear: he can replace the sole, heel, lining, inner sole, eyelets, buckles, the elastics on ankle boots and more. He can even slightly stretch or shrink your footwear. A valuable ally when you need him.