The press says

Here is a selection of articles from connoisseurs, that have thoroughly tested In Corio shoes.
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« The young brand In Corio has thus found a manufacturer in the south of Porto ready to develop a model of Oxford shoes as comfortable as a trainer. »

« There’s no longer any need to choose between elegance and comfort: the two are now combined in the In Corio models. »

[Dec. 2018] "It’s a little like slipping on your Nikes… But for the marathon of your daily life…"

[March 2019] "In Corio, in the right shoes"

[Nov. 2019] "Two, three, four pairs… without ruining yourself and great quality. Terrific!"

“Elegant, comfortable and relatively affordable shoes for men."

« In Corio, un petit Weston ? »

[July 2019] "With a perfect balance between excellent quality and reasonable prices, In Corio is a great brand to discover."

[Dec. 2019] "In Corio reinvents shoes for men"

“To avoid the dilemma between elegance and comfort, In Corio revisits the classics of men’s fashion."